Africa's leading innovation company

Building Talents, Funding Ideas.

Our Value

We seek to be defined by our passion, innovative spirit, integrity, authenticity and entrepreneurial mindset as we remain committed to harnessing brain drains, credible talents and innovations across Africa. These values would guide us towards achieving our onerous visions and missions at SperaDeal, alongside our potential co-venture partners.

Our Vision

To become Africa’s No. 1 innovations company and talents development hub.

Our Mission

To become Africa’s No. 1 company that harnesses credible talents and innovations across a wide range of abilities and products development value chain; from conceptual phase to commercialization.

About Us

Driving Africa's Economy Through Entrepreneurial Innovations

SperaDeal is Africa’s leading company in talent hunts, innovative products development and commercialization. We have very strong affinity for authenticity and value addition. At SperaDeal we believe that the future belongs to those who offer bespoke solutions to the myriad of technological gaps and inventions across a wide range of utility products and services.

Africa with an estimated population of 1.34 billion people is hugely blessed with lots of untapped talents, manpower and natural resources with very little frameworks in place to harness these innovations in sustainable terms. SperaDeal; a leading company in techno-advancement is positioned to drive Africa’s economy forward through innovations and talent expeditions. Africa is poised to be great if we explore our indigent talent development and novelties with a view of creating sustainable value across the globe.

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