About Us

Who We Are

SperaDeal is a company registered in Nigeria with headquarters in Abuja. We are Africa’s No. 1 innovations company and talents development hub. We provide turnkey solutions for unharnessed talents and innovations via our robust platform that incorporates tailored partnerships with world-class venture capitalist companies, from conceptual stage to funding, products/talents development and commercialization. We believe that the future of Africa is in her inherent innovations and unexplored talents. Our client portfolio covers individuals, groups of individuals, corporate organizations and government agencies.
SperaDeal bridges the gaps from stranded innovations to money in your bank. We put an end to Africa’s untapped talents and innovations, we bring your ideas and innovations to global marketplace.
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Why We Are Inspired

Africa with a current population of 1.34 billion people has a youth unemployment rate of approximately 10.7% and an employment-to-population ratio of approximately 40.1% in 2020 according to International Labour organization (ILO). The youth bulge in continental Africa is forecasted to continue to grow in the foreseeable future. This challenge presents both an opportunity to reap the demographic dividend, stop the imminent time bomb and threat to social cohesion and reduce massive migration to other continents in search of better opportunities.

Successive governments in Africa has not done much in leveraging the huge opportunities inherent in Africa’s untapped talents and innovations. SperaDeal is inspired by this double-edged opportunity that intends to revolutionalise the African economy, in addition to helping to reduce the increasing unemployment rate in the continent, through our bespoke innovations and products development platform.

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