Beyond Existing Government Model

In my vision, I propose a National Commission for Industries Development (NCID) for African countries, funded by revenues from mining of metals and minerals or as decided by the government. This commission will regulate the establishment of startup industries, assess their performances and provide capital to promising industries whose products appear globally competitive

The African Union

The AU has a future goal to create policies like free trade area, a central bank, a single market, a customs union, and a common currency. This they hope will establish economic and monetary union. The current plan is to establish an African Economic Community with a single currency by 2023.

Africa’s Growing Investment Market

Opportunities are much in Africa. For example, across much of sub-Saharan Africa, there are no roads, airports, rails, ports, power grids and proper IT needed to boost African economies. The growth of imports, exports, and regional business are hindered by this lack of infrastructure. Companies that can connect Africans and markets will prosper. Large investment is leading to major upgrades and expansion at African ports and airports, but much of Africa’s growth potential depends on roads, rail and air connections linking different countries within the continent and states within individual countries.